A Five-Star Experience

Smart Tan Magazine - Eric Anderson wanted to provide a better tanning experience, feeling that leadership and cleanliness was lackluster in the industry. He parted ways from his partner in 1998 and started his own chain of salons, Unlimited Tan. Eric has since opened eight locations within the Chicagoland area and plans to continue providing customers with his unmatched experience by expanding.

“I love the way the industry has changed. It’s challenging, and I enjoy getting different hurdles thrown at me. Be regulations or competitors, every year there is some sort of challenge I tackle, and it has made us much better and efficient, which is better for the customers,” says Anderson.

 Eric’s goal is to exceed customer expectations by switching out beds and offering the highest quality equipment.

 “If I had to say what makes us superior to our competition, I’d say it’s our equipment. We buy a lot of really good equipment, and our customers love that and have a large selection to choose from. Even our entry level equipment isn’t weak. Everything provides the best tan possible,” says Anderson.

Along with his dedication to quality service comes quality cleanliness, making sure every staff member takes the proper precautions before a client steps into a room. Everything from the floor to the mirrors is in pristine condition, which has become key in attracting new clients.

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