Spray Tanning Tips To Know Before Getting a Sunless Tan - Now that 80+ degree weather is finally here, we are ready to show off the results of all the hours spent in the gym (plus all the new spring and summer gear). But there’s one more thing to do: Get that sun-kissed glow. Because let’s be honest, what’s a good outfit without that sultry skin? And since we are not 24-7 sun worshipers and have not figured out self-tanners yet, we are heading to the spray tan booth.

But how do you get a flawless tan even if professionals do it?

We  enlisted the help of Eric Anderson, CEO of Unlimited Tan, one of Chicago’s premier tanning salons, who gave us some much-needed spray tanning tips and advice on how to prep for a spray tan, what makes your tan stick longer and much more.

How to best prep skin for a sunless tan?

rior to receiving a spray tan, you will want to shower, shave and exfoliate – this doesn’t have to be done immediately before the tan, just sometime within the 24 hours before the appointment. It is best to come in with fresh, clean skin including no make-up, lotion, deodorant, perfume, etc. and certainly no oils.

If using the prep/perfecting spray: the perfecting spray works to balance the pH of your skin, using proteins and amino acids to ensure your body will be most receptive to the spray solution.  It will also accelerate the development time from the standard 4-6 hours down to 2-4 hours. If you’re not using the spray, this product is also available in an 8oz tube called the VersaSpa intensifying primer so the customers can apply themselves.

How to avoid discoloration?

Using barrier cream and sticky feet is important to prevent unwanted color on hands and feet, but if correction is necessary after the spray tan, exfoliate with our body wash/exfoliating product.

How to extend your sunless tan?

You can expect the tan to last anywhere from 5-7 days depending on aftercare.  After your sunless tan has developed, you want to stay hydrated and moisturized (apply lotion at least twice a day). Remember, the tan is only developed in the outer most layer of skin, so if your skin is dry, you shave often or use body scrub, the tan will fade more quickly. Use a gentle body wash and avoid hot baths and loofahs.

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