Semi-Permanent Bridal Beauty Treatments to Try Before the Big Day - You should look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. But you don't want to be unrecognizable to your husband while walking down the aisle. We chatted with some beauty pros to get their tips on how to up your hair, skin, or makeup game, without going too far.

Lash Extensions

Melinda Rodriguez of The Lashe Spot in Chicago recommends a bride-to-be make an appointment to have her lashes extended one to two weeks before the wedding, and also checking in a few days before the main event for a quick touch-up. The treatment can be customized to fit a bride's face, eye shape, and lifestyle and starts at $69 at any of the four Lashe Spot locations in the Windy City. Expect a glamorous look that eliminates the need for mascara, so any wedding day tears are in the clear. Just remember not to let your extensions get wet or too hot (think saunas or Bikram yoga) for 24-48 hours after application, and use oil-free products to help the lashes last.

Teeth Whitening

Brides looking for real results should probably skip the strips and trays and opt for an in-office whitening procedure like the QuickPro by Zoom, says cosmetic dentist Dr. Gregg Lituchy of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor in Manhattan. Do it a few days after having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist so the bleach penetrates a clean enamel surface, and make sure it's two to three weeks before your wedding in case you have any sensitivity afterwards. Average cost is about $1,200, and your smile should look two to four shades lighter.

Medical Facial

A non-invasive skin treatment by a cosmetic dermatologist can give some brides the wow-factor they're after. Manhattan-based Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank offers his own 30-minute, pain-free "Build Repair Polish" version that uses radio frequency and multiple wavelength laser technologies to lift, tighten, and tone skin. You'll score a healthy glow with better blood flow and less sun damage, and excess pigmentation. Facials typically start at $300 and should be done about a week or two before show time.

Spray Tan

No bride wants to look blotchy, splotchy, or orange, which is why Chicago-based Unlimited Tan always recommends choosing a lighter shade than you might be inclined to pick when it comes to spray tans. The color darkens and sets over time so patience is important. And before getting sprayed, you'll want to exfoliate not just your knees and elbows, but also your neck, chest, shins, and face. Then cover any scabs or recent scars with Vaseline, and keep dry for at least eight hours afterwards.


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