Pretty (Tan) in Pink - I would think most girls out there (maybe not all!) would have to agree, you usually do feel awfully pretty when wearing pink! Personally, it makes me feel more feminine and just, well, happy. A bright color is bound to make your day more cheerful, and a dress as bright as this one definitely does the trick. Now, a dress this color can look good on a pale, sun-less, winterized body, but boy oh boy, it sure looks better with a nice tan glow!

My glow came courtesy of Unlimited Tan here in Chicago. Don’t worry though, I was safe, no tanning beds for me…spray tanning is the way to go! It’s completely safe (the spray tan products at Unlimited Tan are all natural!), you get gorgeous color and it is a reasonably priced option to factor in for your next special occasion, or just the next time you want to wear a hot pink dress.

Eric Anderson , the CEO of Unlimited Tan, shared with me some tips that you will find helpful as you try to maintain your next spray tan.

1. Choose the “prep” option so you can balance your skins PH before the tan is applied.

2. Don’t come with a barrier on your skin. (i.e. makeup, lotion, oil, etc.)

3.Hydrate a lot after a tan, and moisturize at least two times daily.

4. Don’t get wet/shower for 4-6 hours after your tan, and avoid shaving and exfoliating in order to preserve the tan.

5.The better you take care of your outer layer of skin, the longer your spray tan will last.

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