Unlimited Tan Announces Partnership with Fierce Hometown Heroes The Chicago Bliss

Chicagoland’s Premier Indoor Tanning Provider is Official Tanning Partner for Chicago’s Women’s Tackle Football League

CHICAGO – The members of the Chicago Bliss, one of eight teams in the Legends Football League, a women’s 7-on-7 tackle football league, can throw a spiral and take a hit like NFL players, but there’s one difference that’s impossible to miss—they take the field with a much better tan. Thanks to a new partnership with Unlimited Tan, Chicagoland’s premier indoor tanning center, the players of Chicago Bliss will be able to showcase their golden glow all season long with the help of the brand’s unmatched tanning offerings.

“The Chicago Bliss team is important to the local sports scene —since 2004, the team’s passion, drive and shared dream of playing professional football has garnered a strong following throughout the city. As a Chicago born-and-bred company, Unlimited Tan has always believed in supporting Chicago athletes,” said Eric Anderson, the CEO of Unlimited Tan. “We’re so excited to partner with this team and serve as the go-to tanning salon as they continue to dominate the field.” 

Through the partnership, Unlimited Tan will serve as the official tanning center for the members of Chicago Bliss, which includes an all-access pass to the brand’s wide range of advanced tanning beds, customizable spray tan booths and second-to-none customer service. But beyond offering an extra dose of Vitamin D, Unlimited Tan and Chicago Bliss plan to work together on additional projects in the future. 

“We entered into this partnership simply looking for a place to tan before our home games—but it turned into something much bigger than that. Eric was incredibly gracious, giving us unlimited access to Unlimited Tan’s amazing tanning beds at any level whenever we want. We’re so appreciate of everything Unlimited Tan does for us,” said Chicago Bliss player and marketing manager Dominique Collins. 
This isn’t the first time Unlimited Tan has sponsored a hometown team. During the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons of the National Hockey League, Unlimited Tan partnered with the Chicago Blackhawk’s Ice Crew to provide full tanning services all season long. Throughout the partnership, Unlimited Tan’s Facebook and Twitter followers were given four chances to win the same great prize: 100-level tickets to a regular season home game. 

“We’re proud to have been the official tanning center of the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew since 2013, and we’re looking forward to this new relationship with Chicago Bliss—a group that’s truly a force to be reckoned with,” Anderson said. “At Unlimited Tan, our goal has always been to offer a convenient, comfortable option for our clients and their beauty routines. When you look good, you feel good, and that’s something that can go a long way—whether you’re a ruthless member of the Chicago Bliss or simply looking for a little pick-me-up after a long week.” 


Rated as one of the 'Top 250 Tanning Salons' in the U.S. by Looking Fit Magazine, Unlimited Tan has steadily continued to expand in the Chicagoland market over the past 17 years. Since opening its first location in Plainfield, IL, Unlimited Tan has added seven additional locations throughout the area. Dedicated to providing the best possible tanning experience for clients, Unlimited Tan offers the widest selection of equipment, the cleanest tanning environments, and the most highly trained skincare consultants to service our clients.


Semi-Permanent Bridal Beauty Treatments to Try Before the Big Day - You should look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. But you don't want to be unrecognizable to your husband while walking down the aisle. We chatted with some beauty pros to get their tips on how to up your hair, skin, or makeup game, without going too far.

Lash Extensions

Melinda Rodriguez of The Lashe Spot in Chicago recommends a bride-to-be make an appointment to have her lashes extended one to two weeks before the wedding, and also checking in a few days before the main event for a quick touch-up. The treatment can be customized to fit a bride's face, eye shape, and lifestyle and starts at $69 at any of the four Lashe Spot locations in the Windy City. Expect a glamorous look that eliminates the need for mascara, so any wedding day tears are in the clear. Just remember not to let your extensions get wet or too hot (think saunas or Bikram yoga) for 24-48 hours after application, and use oil-free products to help the lashes last.

Teeth Whitening

Brides looking for real results should probably skip the strips and trays and opt for an in-office whitening procedure like the QuickPro by Zoom, says cosmetic dentist Dr. Gregg Lituchy of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor in Manhattan. Do it a few days after having your teeth cleaned by a hygienist so the bleach penetrates a clean enamel surface, and make sure it's two to three weeks before your wedding in case you have any sensitivity afterwards. Average cost is about $1,200, and your smile should look two to four shades lighter.

Medical Facial

A non-invasive skin treatment by a cosmetic dermatologist can give some brides the wow-factor they're after. Manhattan-based Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank offers his own 30-minute, pain-free "Build Repair Polish" version that uses radio frequency and multiple wavelength laser technologies to lift, tighten, and tone skin. You'll score a healthy glow with better blood flow and less sun damage, and excess pigmentation. Facials typically start at $300 and should be done about a week or two before show time.

Spray Tan

No bride wants to look blotchy, splotchy, or orange, which is why Chicago-based Unlimited Tan always recommends choosing a lighter shade than you might be inclined to pick when it comes to spray tans. The color darkens and sets over time so patience is important. And before getting sprayed, you'll want to exfoliate not just your knees and elbows, but also your neck, chest, shins, and face. Then cover any scabs or recent scars with Vaseline, and keep dry for at least eight hours afterwards.


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Spray Tanning Tips To Know Before Getting a Sunless Tan - Now that 80+ degree weather is finally here, we are ready to show off the results of all the hours spent in the gym (plus all the new spring and summer gear). But there’s one more thing to do: Get that sun-kissed glow. Because let’s be honest, what’s a good outfit without that sultry skin? And since we are not 24-7 sun worshipers and have not figured out self-tanners yet, we are heading to the spray tan booth.

But how do you get a flawless tan even if professionals do it?

We  enlisted the help of Eric Anderson, CEO of Unlimited Tan, one of Chicago’s premier tanning salons, who gave us some much-needed spray tanning tips and advice on how to prep for a spray tan, what makes your tan stick longer and much more.

How to best prep skin for a sunless tan?

rior to receiving a spray tan, you will want to shower, shave and exfoliate – this doesn’t have to be done immediately before the tan, just sometime within the 24 hours before the appointment. It is best to come in with fresh, clean skin including no make-up, lotion, deodorant, perfume, etc. and certainly no oils.

If using the prep/perfecting spray: the perfecting spray works to balance the pH of your skin, using proteins and amino acids to ensure your body will be most receptive to the spray solution.  It will also accelerate the development time from the standard 4-6 hours down to 2-4 hours. If you’re not using the spray, this product is also available in an 8oz tube called the VersaSpa intensifying primer so the customers can apply themselves.

How to avoid discoloration?

Using barrier cream and sticky feet is important to prevent unwanted color on hands and feet, but if correction is necessary after the spray tan, exfoliate with our body wash/exfoliating product.

How to extend your sunless tan?

You can expect the tan to last anywhere from 5-7 days depending on aftercare.  After your sunless tan has developed, you want to stay hydrated and moisturized (apply lotion at least twice a day). Remember, the tan is only developed in the outer most layer of skin, so if your skin is dry, you shave often or use body scrub, the tan will fade more quickly. Use a gentle body wash and avoid hot baths and loofahs.

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Pretty (Tan) in Pink - I would think most girls out there (maybe not all!) would have to agree, you usually do feel awfully pretty when wearing pink! Personally, it makes me feel more feminine and just, well, happy. A bright color is bound to make your day more cheerful, and a dress as bright as this one definitely does the trick. Now, a dress this color can look good on a pale, sun-less, winterized body, but boy oh boy, it sure looks better with a nice tan glow!

My glow came courtesy of Unlimited Tan here in Chicago. Don’t worry though, I was safe, no tanning beds for me…spray tanning is the way to go! It’s completely safe (the spray tan products at Unlimited Tan are all natural!), you get gorgeous color and it is a reasonably priced option to factor in for your next special occasion, or just the next time you want to wear a hot pink dress.

Eric Anderson , the CEO of Unlimited Tan, shared with me some tips that you will find helpful as you try to maintain your next spray tan.

1. Choose the “prep” option so you can balance your skins PH before the tan is applied.

2. Don’t come with a barrier on your skin. (i.e. makeup, lotion, oil, etc.)

3.Hydrate a lot after a tan, and moisturize at least two times daily.

4. Don’t get wet/shower for 4-6 hours after your tan, and avoid shaving and exfoliating in order to preserve the tan.

5.The better you take care of your outer layer of skin, the longer your spray tan will last.

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A Five-Star Experience

Smart Tan Magazine - Eric Anderson wanted to provide a better tanning experience, feeling that leadership and cleanliness was lackluster in the industry. He parted ways from his partner in 1998 and started his own chain of salons, Unlimited Tan. Eric has since opened eight locations within the Chicagoland area and plans to continue providing customers with his unmatched experience by expanding.

“I love the way the industry has changed. It’s challenging, and I enjoy getting different hurdles thrown at me. Be regulations or competitors, every year there is some sort of challenge I tackle, and it has made us much better and efficient, which is better for the customers,” says Anderson.

 Eric’s goal is to exceed customer expectations by switching out beds and offering the highest quality equipment.

 “If I had to say what makes us superior to our competition, I’d say it’s our equipment. We buy a lot of really good equipment, and our customers love that and have a large selection to choose from. Even our entry level equipment isn’t weak. Everything provides the best tan possible,” says Anderson.

Along with his dedication to quality service comes quality cleanliness, making sure every staff member takes the proper precautions before a client steps into a room. Everything from the floor to the mirrors is in pristine condition, which has become key in attracting new clients.

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Unlimited Tan Announces Renewed Partnership with Chicago Blackhawks’ Ice Crew

Chicago, IL — Today Unlimited Tan announced its renewed partnership with the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew, for the second year running. As Chicagoland’s premiere indoor tanning centers, Unlimited Tan will again serve as the Crew’s tanning center of choice by providing the women with tanning and spray tanning during the 2014-2015 season.

"It's been a pleasure tanning the Ice Crew in our salons over the past year,” said Eric Anderson, Unlimited Tan CEO. “We are pleased to continue our partnership with the Ice Crew and the Chicago Blackhawks for another exciting hockey season."

To celebrate with hockey and tanning fans alike, Unlimited Tan will be giving away prizes — including tickets to Chicago Blackhawks home games. The four-month campaign begins December 12 and gives Unlimited Tan’s Facebook and Twitter followers a chance to win 100-level game tickets and parking passes to 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 regular season home games. And for those who prefer the warmth of a bed over the coldness of the arena, free tans and tanning products will be up for grabs at events throughout the year, thanks to the Unlimited Tan and Chicago Blackhawks street teams.

Become a Facebook fan of Unlimited Tan (and follow them on Twitter!) for updates on the ticket giveaway, events and more.